Wyoming Chancery Court

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Please visit the Court’s website to view specific rules and orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Effective December 1, 2021, the Wyoming State Chancery Court will implement eFiling and eService for all Chancery Court cases.
Electronic filing and service is mandatory through the File & ServeXpress (FSX) system.
Yes, both New Cases and Subsequent filings will be accepted through the electronic filing and service provider (FSX).
You may visit the Court’s website to download or review documents including the eFiling Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, Order Adopting W.R.C.P. for Chancery Court, Order Adopting Rules for Fees and Costs, and Order Adopting Uniform Rules here.
Yes, all Attorneys and Self-Represented litigants will need a File & Serve account to file your documents and to receive the filings in your cases. You can register your firm here.
After the filing is accepted, your documents will be available for download from the Court’s Register of Actions on File & ServeXpress.
After the Court accepts your electronically submitted documents, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your transaction with the new case number. You will be able to access your stamped documents through the transaction in your online Inbox, or by searching for the document on the online register of actions on File & ServeXpress.
File & ServeXpress stores all documents filed and served on its secure web-based application. We will send you an Accepted email notification by which you may log into FSX and retrieve your file-stamped documents. Access to the documents you file, or are served with, will not expire and will always be available on FSX.
File & ServeXpress will advance statutory filing fees to court on your behalf the day after the court accepts your filing. FSX will then invoice your firm monthly.

Contact the Chancery Court via email (chancery@courts.state.wy.us) or phone (307-777-6565) during business hours (8 AM to 5 PM GMT).

Please contact File & ServeXpress Client Support at 888-529-7587. Help is available 24/7.

The persons identified below may electronically file and serve documents once they have completed training, registered, agreed to terms and conditions, and passed an eFiling proficiency exam:

  • Attorneys who are active members in good standing of the Wyoming State Bar.
  • Eligible attorneys’ staff.
  • Self-represented individuals.

Any eligible person intending to electronically file or serve a document in a Chancery Court proceeding must receiving training. This means that eFiling training is mandatory for the following persons:

  • Licensed Wyoming attorneys who plan to appear in any Chancery Court matter.
  • Support staff who plan to eFile documents on behalf of licensed Wyoming attorneys.
  • Self-represented litigants who plan to participate in a Chancery Court matter.

Yes. Any licensed Wyoming attorney who plans to appear in a Chancery Court case must receive the training, even if legal staff will eFile all documents.

Yes. Any licensed Wyoming attorney who plans to appear in a Chancery Court case must receive the training, even if his or her co-counsel plans to eFile all receive eService of all documents.

Generally, no. Absent special permission from the Chancery Court, local counsel (not pro hac vice counsel) must eFile all documents.

Filers may satisfy the training requirement by either attending a live session or viewing a recorded training session. Both those who attend live sessions and those who view recorded training sessions must register, agree to the terms and conditions, and pass a proficiency exam before eFiling.

Training sessions

To request a live training session, you can reach the FSX Training Team at fileandservetraining@fileandserve.com