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eFiling Templates

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No Need to Repeat Yourself

If you find yourself filing similar cases over-and-over again or writing the same information throughout multiple filings, Templates are the tool for you. 

Templates are pre-filled eFilings you create to reduce manual entry for common transactions. Instead of entering names, addresses, locations, or any other data every filing, just open a template, fill it in, and get on with your day. 

Who are eFiling Templates For?

Templates are for any filer that works on similar transactions repeatedly. This includes anyone that specializes in a specific case type or location, like divorce and real estate attorneys that regularly files into new yet similar cases.

Additionally, templates are helpful for any law firm looking to reduce data entry errors or manual data input in general. Consider it like auto-fill for eFiling.

How Do eFiling Templates Work?

Templates can be created by and shared with anyone in your organization. Here’s how to get started:


Go to the Templates Page

You can access the templates page from the “filing menu”. From the Filing Templates page, you can use or create a new template.


Create and name a new Template

Consider using a consistent naming scheme for your templates to make searches effective. 


Fill in the data you want written to the template

The template creation flow matches the standard eFiling structure. Just complete any section you want included.

The Template flow auto-saves every step, so feel free to leave and finish it later if needed.


Add stand-in documents for expected filings

Stand-in documents ensure you never forget to include a file and help guide new filers through the upload procedure.


Use your completed templates!

You can use, edit, or copy any existing Templates created by you or others in your organization. 

And create as many Templates as you want; there’s no max limit and they are completely free. 

eFiling Templates Overview

Want to take a deep dive on how eFiling templates work? Watch our full eFiling Templates Webinars below:

New Case Templates

Existing Case Templates

Document Templates

eFiling Templates FAQ

Templates are available in the following applications: 

If you file frequently in these states, you can use your existing state eFiling login to access the application. 

Templates can be shared with your whole organization. They will all appear on the same page and are searchable.

All templates are stored in a single searchable list. So the best way to ensure you can find the template you need is to name it strategically. Include information specific to the template in the title such as:

  • Representing Attorney’s Name
  • Case Type
  • Court/County Name

Additionally, it helps to have a consistent naming convention for the whole organization. That way, no matter who creates a template, you can ensure the template can be searched for easily without memorizing names. It’s much easier to remember a pattern (ex: attorney-case-county) than it is specific template names. 

Templates have no additional cost. They are part of our law-firm focused eFiling toolset available to all users. 

There are no limits to the number of templates you can create. So feel free to make templates specific to attorneys, case types, counties, or any other option you want consistent across filings. 

To complete the entire filing flow, you must add at least one stand-in document. 

You may want to add more as a measure to reduce incomplete filings. Stand-in documents can act as a guide to the filer and remind them what needs to be included. 

If you have no interest in adding stand-in documents, you can opt to fill in the template for just the leading steps. These include the case initiation (choosing jurisdiction, case-type, etc.) and filling out party information. Templates auto-save as you move step to step, so just exit the template creator once you hit the document upload page.

Yes, templates work for both new and existing cases. 

Templates will be available August 10th, 2023. 

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