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File & ServeXpress is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources that you need in order to use our application efficiently and effectively. Explore the content below to learn more about filing into Fulton County State Court using File & ServeXpress.

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eFiling and eService is made easy with File & ServeXpress, while providing multi-communication workflow tools to law firms and courts alike.

By providing all the tools you need, right at your fingertips, File & ServeXpress saves you valuable time and money.
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Features & Benefits

Drag & Drop Uploads

Tired of clicking through file paths?​​

With File & ServeXpress, simply drag your documents into the field and drop them to upload securely.

Direct Links

Concerned about missing case activity?

Email notifications link directly to the related documents – available to view, print, and download.

Verifiable eService

Facing claims of non-service?​​

A verifiable audit trail of eService recipients and their receipt of documents can help reduce hearings.

Monthly Billing

Can’t remember that three-digit code?​​

Skip entering credit card information for each transaction – view and pay monthly invoices using Pay My Invoice.

Document Storage

Still searching your inbox?​​

Documents are saved indefinitely and protected by layers of security, easily search, access, print, and download any document.

File Conversion

No time to Save As?​​

Easily upload any of the nine supported file types, File & ServeXpress automatically scans for viruses and converts to PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, documents previously filed on eFileGA are available on File & ServeXpress.
No, your eFileGA User ID and Password will not work on File & ServeXpress. You must have a File & ServeXpress User ID and Password.
  • Forgot your Password? Simply click the Forgot Password link on the Login Page and follow the instructions.
  • Forgot your User ID? Please contact our Client Support Team.
  • Need to set up an Account? Please visit our Registration Page to get started.
  • Have a previous File & ServeXpress User ID? If yes, it will continue to work.
Subsequent filings in cases opened on eFileGA may be filed on File & ServeXpress and may no longer be filed on eFileGA beginning January 1, 2020.

No, File & ServeXpress is currently only available for eFiling and eService for civil cases in Fulton County State Court.

While each document attached will be a main document, the court prefers that the Complaint is attached first.

File & ServeXpress stores all documents filed and served on its secure web-based application. You will receive an Accepted email notification linking directly to your file-stamped documents. Access to the documents you file, or are served with, will not expire and are available indefinitely.
If you have a Basic User account, you will use a credit card to pay for your court and File & ServeXpress filing fees at the time of your transaction submission.

If you have an Advanced User account (i.e. law firm, attorney), you will no longer have to worry about paying by credit card each time you file but rather, we will send you a monthly invoice with all your charges to include client matter numbers.
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