FSX Alerts

Alerts by FSX

Stay informed of all the latest case motions, filings, and actions — all set to your custom parameters. Whether your practice operates in an open eFile & eServe market or uses File & ServeXpress exclusively, our electronic assistant is ready to proactively monitor the system for new case activity around the clock. 

Never Miss Anything

In jurisdictions where there are multiple eFiling platforms, it can become tedious logging in and out to monitor case activity. Save time by setting case alerts on FSX and receive updates right to your inbox. 

Research & Tracking

Customize alerts to be notified of new activity related to both existing and potential clients. Interested in expanding your practice area? Track case activity to evaluate and inform your plan of action.

Partner Alerts

Firm partners may not always be listed on every active case. With FSX Alerts, partners can elect to be notified of case activity regardless of whether or not they have been officially served.

Ready to Get Started?

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